McKinney ISD subscribes to Discovery Education streaming media and digital collection. With Discovery Education you have the ability to download the video resources. You can then use these videos on the iPod, in SMART Notebook, or link them in your wiki or Glogster.

SMART Video Player enables you play a video from Discovery Education on your interactive screen and write notes over it in digital ink.
Press the SMART Board icon external image NotebookIcon.png in the notification area, and then select Video Player.

To play a video file

Press File > Open in SMART Video Player, browse to and select the video file that you want to play, and then press Open.
Press File > Open URL in SMART Video Player, type the address of the website or the network path in the Open box, and then press OK.
The video file opens and plays in SMART Video Player.

To pause the video

Press Pause external image VPPause.png.

To start the video

Press Play external image VPPlay.png.

To stop the video

Press Stop external image VPStop.png.

To change the playback speed

Select Settings > Playback Speed, and then select a playback speed from the list.
NOTE: To play the video continuously, press Repeat external image VPRepeat.png. To stop playing the video continuously, press Repeat external image VPRepeatAgain.png again.

To write notes over the video frame in digital ink

  1. Press Pen Tool external image VPPenTool.png, and then write on the interactive screen.
TIP: You can configure SMART Video Player to pause the video when you select Pen Tool.
  1. To change the color of the digital ink, press Pen Color external image VPPenColor.png, and then select a color from the palette.
  2. To change the width of the digital ink, press Pen Width external image VPPenWidth.png, and then select a width in the list.
  3. After you finish writing, press Select external image VPSelect.png.

To clear your notes

Press Clear the Notes external image VPClearNotes.png.

To take a screen capture of the current video frame

Press Capture to Notebook external image VPCapture.png.

To expand the video display

Select Full Screen View external image VPFullScreen.png.
The video display expands to the largest possible area and the Video Player toolbar appears. This toolbar enables you to play and pause videos, take screen captures of the current video frame, write notes over the video frame in digital ink and clear your notes.
To exit Full Screen view, press Normal View external image VPNormalView.png.
NOTE: If your computer's video card doesn't support hardware acceleration, you're unable to change the view to 200% or Full Screen.

To change the volume

To change the volume, move the slider external image VPVolume.png.
To mute the volume, press Mute Video external image VPMuteVideo.png.
To restore the volume, press Mute Video external image VPMuteVideo.png again.

To close SMART Video Player

Press the Close button external image VPClose.png in SMART Video Player.